MultiFAB project : Open platform for multi-scale and multimaterial 3D printing

MultiFAB is an open platform founded by FEDER and Region Occitanie that promotes the development, transfer and dissemination of additive manufacturing technologies project to both academic and industrial partners. It aims at developing cutting edge 3D printing and bioprinting technologies with a special focus on high resolution (<10µm) and multimaterials processes. The project also includes the synthesis, development of novel functional materials associated to the optimization of 3D manufacturing processes. 

The technologies investigated in MultiFAB comprise stereolithography, inkjet printing, laser melting/sintering as well as proprietary technologies based on high-resolution photopolymerization and microfluidics for bioprinting. These technologies enable the fabrication of microdevices with a large range of resolution from the millimetric down to the nanometric scale and a large variety of materials including polymers, composite materials, metals, liquid inks, biomolecules, etc.

MultiFAB is managed both by LAAS CNRS and CIRIMAT laboratories in Toulouse. The project includes 8 industrial partners with interests biomedical devices, electronics, MEMs, microfluidics and aeronautics. Example of validated applications include to the fabrication of microfluidic devices for biomedical analysis, cell microenvironment and scaffolds for tissue engineering, electronic or optical devices for sensing applications.

The MultiFAB platform is also part of the French Renatech network.

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Objectives : 

  • Develop innovative 3D printing technologies;
  • Develop collaborations and transfert to academic and industrial partners;
  • Disseminate to students (school engineer...).