Low-Frequency Noise Metrology For The Development of High-Frequency Technologies and For High Purity Signal Generation

Jean-Guy Tartarin

ARFTG January 2024 Invited speech


Bastien Pinault
ScienceDirect  Microelectronics Reliability  115126
ESREF October 2023  Toulouse, France
Lucien Ghizzo
ScienceDirect  Microelectronics Reliability  115172
ESREF October 2023  Toulouse, France
Bastien Pinault
EuMW September 2023  Berlin, Germany
Bastien Pinault
SMW  May 2023  Noordwijk, Netherlands

Investigation of BVdss instability in trench power MOSFET through DLTS, electrical characterization and TCAD simulations

Marina Ruggeri

ISPSD  June 2023  Hong Kong
Gaëtan Toulon
WOCSDICE - EXMATEC  May 2023  Palerme, Italy

Preconditionning of p-GaN power HEMT for reproducible Vth measurement

Lucien Ghizzo

ScienceDirect  Microelectronics Reliability  Volume 144


Analyser la fiabilité des matériaux des composants grand gap
Marina Angel
Industries et technologies • no. 1053 • p. 19
M. Levillayer
Semiconductor Science and Technology • Volume 37



M. Levillayer
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science
Focus 2020 du LAAS  (Plateforme PROOF p36)