OwnTech project supported by the CNRS RISE program

Tuesday, 25 May, 2021 - 00:00 to 23:30

The CNRS RISE1 program wich aims to support scientists to the start-up creation exploiting a technologie developed in the CNRS’ laboratories and its partners, have selected 12 projects from the 36 applications of the new 2021 promotion. The OwnTech project led by Luiz Fernando Lavado Villa of Power Management System Integration - ISGE team will benefit from CNRS support for its development.

The OwnTech, Open source poWer ElectroNics TECHnology project is un a modular power electronics which is composed of 4 functional blocks: a converter, its embedded software, an energy management software and an algorithm dedicated to machine learning.

In power electronics, the convecters development with wide fields of applications can reduce the costs and the time-to-market, and so remove a major obstacle to the emergence of products on news markets . The OwnTech project aims to offer an unified development through a technology suite including a standard reprogrammable converter. The project is also launching its international users community of this technology suite.


Discover the others selected projects on CNRS Innovation news (in french).

OwnTech have been also laureates of 5th wave of 2019 CNRS premature program.

1Open to all start-up projects and young start-up involving the CNRS, the RISE program allows carriers to benefit from the expertise and network of CNRS Innovation, and to bring out their project in optimal conditions, by benefiting from an effective one-year upstream support, provided by a team of dedicated experts and mentors to support them in all their development stages.