Publication in Nature Microsystems & Nanoengineering

Our manuscript is now published in Nature Microsystems & Nanoengineering!

Olympia at LETI Innovation Days on 10/14/2020

Join the LETI Innovation Days and don't miss the talk given by Sébastien!

2020 Nanoscale HOT Article Collection

Our Nanoscale article has been selected for the themed collection 2020 Nanoscale HOT Article Collection!

2020 Nanoscale HOT Article Collection

Lettre Innovation CNRS

Lucien's Ph.D. defense

Lucien did a great job and a great Ph.D. defense!
In his talk, he showed the very last results of the OLYMPIA project, with in particular the demonstration of AFM close-loop operation using a 130-MHz optomechanical probe, and also the first experiment of AFM imaging in air! The OLYMPIA concept and technology are now reality!
Congratulations Dr Schwab, we all are proud of you!

Click to read the manuscript

2 publications in international journals!

Two manuscripts are now published in Nanoscale and IEEE TCST!

The Nanoscale communication shows for the first time that the optomechanical probes are capable to sense near-field forces when the probe tip interacts with the sample with a great sensitivity and bandwidth.

Final meeting in Paris!

The next and final meeting of the project is planned in Paris on September 25th 2019. Four years of a great adventure with numerous scientific, technical and technological challenges and achievements towards high-speed optomechanical AFM!

Happy New Year 2019! See you soon for IEEE MEMS conference!

In January, Lucien will attend the IEEE MEMS conference in Seoul! His accepted communication shows the exquisite sensitivity of the optomechanical detection at the fundamental limit of the Brownian motion. Good news for the measurement resolution of the OLYMPIA optomechanical AFM probes!

New international communications!

This fall 2018 we gave 4 talks in national and international events, 2 of them being invited presentations at AVS Symposium and IEEE IEDM! These were the chance to show results obtained on optomechanical probes fabricated using the VLSI technology at CEA-LETI.

Consortium meeting in Paris

The next consortium meeting is scheduled on Friday,  September 14th 2018 in Paris.


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